Greg Marty

Greg Marty, Development Chemist, has over 40 years of experience in the coatings industry.  In his early years, he was formally trained at a printing ink company called Thiele-Engdahl, where he progressed from lab technician to plant manager.  Greg spearheads our ink product development projects and specializes in solvent and water-based technologies for rubber applications. Most notably, he has engineered chemistries for tire tread stripes and alpha numeric ink jet equipment. Greg is also impactful developing coatings for other industries, such as OEM building products. He helped commercialize a high-performance coating product for use on polypropylene siding,  giving it the aesthetics of real stone in a flat sheen with superior adhesion. When Greg is not formulating and testing custom formulations, he can be found in our QC laboratory analyzing and producing color matches.

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