This unique formula has a high cross-link density and UV inhibitors, which provides exceptional dirt shedding, stain resistance, and long-term weather protection for applications such as rolled decking, awnings, vinyl boat flooring and wall coverings. Available in solvent- or water-based formulations, the coating provides a clear, protective layer that blocks plasticizer from migrating through the surface.

It exceeds industry standards for dirt shedding, moisture resistance, severe stain protection and mildew resistance. It is also highly resistant to abrasions and marring, offering exceptional protection against wearing. It has a long coating life-cycle and demonstrates excellent adhesion to many types of substrates. Its polycarbonate polymer matrix offers extreme flexibility, preventing surface cracking and allowing the surface to be embossed. This chemistry is custom-formulated by APV’s R&D team to meet each customer’s exact specification.





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Features & Benefits


  • UV Resistance
  • Soft Touch
  • Water Repellency
  • Stain Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Gloss Retention
  • Plasticizer Barrier
  • Blocks Mold Growth
  • Long Life Cycle
  • Prop 65 Compliant
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